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Top Cryptocurrency Predictions For the Next Year


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In case you didn’t know, Bitcoin is the most searched thing on the internet. Bitcoin is popping up everywhere and this is grabbing everyone’s attention. The reason why this is happening is because Bitcoin’s value keeps rising and dropping like its on a wild rollercoaster ride which makes it impossible to not consider investing in it.

Even though the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, the market grew quiet steadily in value all throughout 2017. Although, this doesn’t mean that 2018 is also going to be a “steady” year and buying cryptocurrency stocks is a risky business. With that being said, let’s check out the top cryptocurrency predictions for 2018.

New Investors

If there is one prediction that we can be sure it’s to going to happen, it has to be the fact that the cryptocurrency market will be filled with new investors during 2018. It’s hard to resist the temptation to invest in digital coins when all that the media is talking about is how people get rich with small $100 investments.

Experts are viewing this as an advantage because it means their stocks will grow in value and microtransactions will cause mining to be more beneficial.

Central Banks to Experiment with Blockchains

Another thing that we can be sure its going to happen is that more and more central banks will want to experiment with blockchain implementations of their internal ledger systems and currencies. Financial institutions are also expected to develop shared blockchain infrastructures to make transactions easier.

Open Cryptocurrency Systems

Cryptocurrency investors should expect communities of developers and enthusiasts to start splitting in open cryptocurrency systems if they have a credible individual or a special group that’s being used to fill the BDFL role.