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Top Live TV Streaming Apps for Amazon Fire Stick!

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Amazon Fire Stick features a number of different apps meant for streaming and will allow users to stream movies and much more content from well-known platforms such as Netflix.

It is meant to work on Android OS but you will be happy to know that you can also install all kinds of apps on it as long as they are free TV apps.

The latter will let you watch television channels for free!

With that being said, here are some of the best apps you can enjoy on Amazon Fire Stick and what they have to offer!

  1. Cyberflix TV

The first app on our list offers more than 100 live channels and also provides a lot of sports, as opposed to its competitors.

More precisely, if you’re looking for something of the sort, you will be happy to learn that Cyberflix TV has all 4 of the major North American leagues – NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL!

And that’s not all! It even includes coverage of most international soccer leagues with the notable exception of FIFA.

On the other hand, if you are a consumer of news, this app is for you as well since you also get CNN and Fox News.

There is also a section that offers nothing but movies 24/7!

And if comedy is more of your interest, you can enjoy Comedy Central and TBS through the same app.

All in all, Cyberflix TV offers a really fast streaming service and is completely free!

  1. Rokkr

Rokkr offers unlimited TV channels you can stream for free but if you want more, there is also a premium version that costs less than $20 per year!

Furthermore, you can download it on your Android device as well, for extra convenience.

The servers are always super fast and the app offers high quality streaming so give it a try if all that sounds good to you!

  1. Kodi

Kodi offers a wide range of add-ons and customization options.

It is one of the best apps if you want something that allows you to watch a lot of live TV and films.

Perhaps the best part is that you can also use it to access YouTube, Netflix and many more such platforms.

You can even install it on your Xbox One console if you have one and wish to do so.

Finally, as opposed to many other cable channel apps, Kodi does not require you to go through that awkward registration process, making everything super simple and to the point!

  1. Mediabox HD

The last app on our list allows users to stream all of their favorite TV shows and movies as well as live sports.

You can install it on your Amazon Fire Stick but also on other devices such as iOS and Android.

While it offers plenty of channels you’ll be able to access for free on Amazon Fire Stick, keep in mind that Mediabox HD does charge $12 per year on all those other devices.