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Top Most Used Android Apps Of 2015


Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones and tablets, and in recent years the quality of applications soared.
Currently, many applications for Android rival in terms of design and functionality with applications for the iPhone and iPad.

Basically, a simple Android smartphone or tablet, you can quickly read the latest news, save documents and photos in the cloud, set the program by applications such as Calendar and you can really learn a foreign language.

One of the first applications to be installed on an Android device is an antivirus, afterwards you can search for various applications and use them with confidence in your daily activities. In this article we present a series of useful applications, regardless of age or hobbies.


Dropbox is one of the most useful Android apps with the ability to access files and documents wherever you are. Basically, the files stored on devices that have Dropbox installed (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet) syncs quickly. One of its most useful features is the Camera Upload, where you can save online pictures taken with the phone. The only downside is that it only offers 2 GB for free.


Certainly sometimes you feel the need to write down things on your phone, but it happens that you forget about them when you get in front of the PC. Evernote comes to rescue through an application available on virtually any platform, which allows you to write notes and you can even take pictures or record.

VLC Media Player

One of the best media players for Android is VLC, available in beta for now. Even so, the application is stable and fluent running any type of video and audio content, as it has integrated the required codecs. In addition, it is a friendly player with subtitles, whose characteristics can be changed easily.

Timely Alarm Clock

On the Google Play Store for Android you’ll find numerous alarms, however Timely is by far one of the most popular, primarily due to the spectacular design. In addition, the application integrates a number of special alarms to wake you up in the morning and includes the Smart Rise which helps you wake up gradually to not feel upset at hearing the loud alarm.

Business Calendar

If you are an organized person, you’re probably used with Google Calendar. Business Calendar is a more effective solution which impresses with ergonomics, but also the richness of settings. This last aspect may mean that the adaptation is more difficult, but Business Calendar is a powerful tool for those who want to plan their days in detail.


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