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Top Reasons Why You Should Keep an Eye on Stellar (XLM)


This is definitely the era for cryptocurrencies. Numerous persons are interested and they want to invest in these, and it appears that the market is fully aware about this. That is the reasons why there are numerous coins available, and new ones continue to show up.

However, in this situation it can be quite difficult to notice the promising cryptocurrencies and think which ones will become the next big thing. That is why today we will talk about Stellar, an altcoin that definitely looks good.

Why should you invest in it?

Stellar has some great advantages that should really convince you to invest in it. One good thing is the fact that they have partnership deals with some important companies. They can use the currency and this is how it can be promoted.

This plan is a good one and it should really make Stellar more visible, which is definitely a good thing for this cryptocurrency. It is also worth noting that the market capitalization went from $2.5 billion to more than $12 billion, and this happened in a period when things were quite unstable for this particular market.

Good predictions

Experts have also predicted that the market cap for Stellar would rise to $183 by the end of this year. This prediction is very impressive and more important than you could think. For example, at the moment the market cap for Bitcoin is only $197.86 billion.

If cryptocurrency analysts are truly right and Stellar manages to get to $183, this means that it will grow by 1,700 percent this year. This would truly be a record, and no other cryptocurrency managed to do that, not even Ethereum or Bitcoin. In fact Stellar is expected to grow by 170 percent.

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  1. I like Stellar and think 2018 will be a great year for it. IBM is even using it’s network. There’s also been some interesting moves lately in LTC. I think Facebook may, and should, consider using it as their cryptocurrency. There are 7 reasons that make me think it’s a good idea:

    1) December 2017 – LTC founder Charlie Lee sold and donated all of his LTC, avoiding any potential conflict of interest. All changes made will be based on what’s best for the coin, not himself.

    2) December 2017 – Facebook’s VP of Messaging, David Marcus, joined LTC board of directors bringing his experience in building large scale mobile products

    3) January 2018 – Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said cryptocurrency will be a major focus of Facebook this year. He already has one of his employees on the board of LTC.

    4) January 2018 – Litecoin and Monero may only be steps away from a merger. This will bring anonymity to Litecoin.

    5) January 2018 – India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Zebpay, just added LTC. Zebpay is a gateway to crypto investing for 1.3 billion people.

    6) January 2018 – Charlie Lee is proposing a LTC soft fork which will make their transaction fee ridiculously low going from about 28 cents to less than 1 cent for most transactions, compared to $20 for many BTC transactions.

    7) January 2018 – LTC is still cheap for a well established coin with a total supply of 84M available. LTC has 4x the amount of coins of BTC. In simple valuation: Take BTC’s low price of $10,000 divide by 4 and that is $2500 per LTC coin. LTC is currently trading below $200. If FB does adopt LTC, even $2500 per coin will be cheap.

    Let’s push for it. Litecoin for Facebook. #LTC4FB Copy-Share-Paste

    Disclosure: I own DASH, LTC, XLM. XMR, XRP and ZEC

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