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Tron (TRX) And NEO Are Working On Exciting New Projects


Tron and NEO are currently competing to get recognized as a top 10 crypto. These two coins are regularly trading spots on CoinMarketCap lately, and NEO is placed on the 11th position for the moment and TRX on the 12th.

Both of these platforms are working hard to offer faster alternatives to the Ethereum and attract more developers who are interested in creating the next-gen decentralized applications.

For the moment, NEO has about 60 DApps in development, and these include AdEx, THEKEY and Red Pulse.

Tron, on the other hand, is just getting started after launching its Main Net, with at least 9 DApps in the works for the moment, along with an incentive program to attract new developers.

Each of these two platforms are also getting better at teasing the crypto enthusiasts with various cryptic announcements regarding their plans for future achievements.

Tron and NEO’s cryptic messages 

For instance, in Tron’s Main Net launch live stream, founder Justin Sun addressed the upcoming release of the Tron Virtual Machine that’s scheduled for July 31 and he also noted that r8ight before this gets release Tron “will also launch one of our secret projects.”


NEO is dropping its very own tease on what’s to come. NEO’s official Twitter account revealed the team is working on “NEO 3.0.”

We don’t know exactly what will be packed in NEO 3.0, but this tweet might hint that the team is planning to release a new version of the NEO whitepaper much sooner than everyone expects. The whitepaper update was mentioned on GitHub in the past.

Closing words

Both Tron and NEO’s announcement s triggered tons of speculation on Reddit. We’re referring to the fact that Tron’s community questions whether the secret report is connected to Sun’s recent acquisition of BitTorrent,

On the other hand, NEO enthusiasts are pondering the potential for a full reveal of infrastructure such as neo-sharp, a new node implementation.