Truecaller Acquires Chillr to Add it to core of Truecaller Pay 2.0

Last year in March, Truecaller had announced its foray into the electronic payments section, integrating UPI-based transfers in its own program. Truecaller now announced a strategic investment to the payment area in India by obtaining Chillr, India’s initial multi-bank payments program launched in 2014.

The creators of Chillr, Sony Joy, Anoop Sankar, Mohamed Galib and Lishoy Bhaskaran and the rest of the company will be linking Truecaller, also Sony Joy are the Vice President of Truecaller Pay. Chillr’s group of designers and engineers have a deep comprehension of cellular payments, and also a profound passion for goods they will now bring about Truecaller. The business intends to leverage its entire reach of over 150 million consumers in India in addition to its 300+ present partnerships in India to empower Truecaller Pay as a stage.

With the launching of Truecaller Pay 2.0, the business has attracted banking and obligations attributes to the forefront of its program, and at the forthcoming months Truecaller is thinking about rolling out credit and other financial services to customers in Indiain that a mobile-first way.

“Since launching Truecaller Pay in 2017, we’ve seen an increasing number of use cases to make the lives of our users in India easier. By acquiring Chillr, we are reaffirming our commitment to mobile payments and strengthening our plans to increase its adoption amongst our user base. We will, together, have a far bigger impact in this space through the foundation of the team’s expertise and a strong user base thattrust our platform and use it on a daily basis.” says Truecaller Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Nami Zarringhalam.

“After spending time with the founders and the Truecaller team, we have realized that we share a lot of synergies; values; culture; and a sharp focus on user experience. Our roadmap on payments and financial services which when combined with the scale and resources of Truecaller, can create amazing experiences and solve genuine problems at an accelerated pace.” says Sony Joy, Cofounder, Chillr.

To remind you, People today utilize Truecaller to remain ahead. It helps them understand who is touch base, filter out unwanted calls and SMS, and concentrate on what really matters. The business provides a package of special services like a dialer that provides caller ID, spam detection, messaging and much more. Truecaller’s assignment is to build trust anyplace by making communicating secure and productive.

Boris Blake
Boris Blake
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