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TubeMate 3.0.11 APK Update Removes Annoying Bugs


TubeMate is a great app that will prove to be quite useful on every smartphone. This app has been designed to do one thing only, but it’s the best at it. TubeMate is a video downloader that’s able to take down videos from all types of online platforms like Vimeo, DailyMotion or even YouTube.

Although, we need to mention that downloading YouTube videos is against the platform’s Terms of Service because it goes against copyrighted content. Therefore, people who want to use TubeMate should only download videos that they own. Nonetheless, this is also the reason why TubeMate is only available in form of APK and not on any official app store.

TubeMate 3.0.11 APK

The latest version of TubeMate sports the 3.0.11 build number and the APK can be installed by anyone. The only thing that people need to do in order to be eligible to install TubeMate on their smartphones is to enable the “Install apps form unknown sources” and to use an operating system that’s at least Android 4.0.3 or better.

Latest TubeMate Update

This new APK update is not big in size, but it does contain a bunch of useful bug fixes. TubeMate can sometimes malfunction and interrupt downloads which can get quite annoying. Luckily, this new update takes care of the bug which allowed those interruptions to happen. Therefore, the latest version of TubeMate runs way better than the standard one.

MP3 Converter

Since we are talking about TubeMate, we need to mention its built-in MP3 converter. This is a powerful feature that makes it possible for TubeMate users to expand their music library by automatically downloading and converting music videos into normal MP3 tracks. Considering how TubeMate supports YouTube, this makes TubeMate a great source of music.