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TubeMate for iOS is Exactly What You Need


If you are the type of person who enjoys watching online videos, but hate using up all of your mobile data in a couple of hours than TubeMate might be just what you need. This app is a video downloader that’s packed with a plethora of features which have been specially developed to make it easier for people to watch their favorite online shows without needing a stable Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.

TubeMate for iOS

Apple smartphones are amazing, but there’s a big downside to them. They are not that media friendly since the only source that people can get offline videos from is the Apple Store and they are quite pricey. Well, this is where TubeMate comes in and gives people an alternative.

TubeMate is able to download videos from all sorts of online streaming platforms in a matter of seconds. Considering how video streaming platforms like Vimeo are constantly being updated with thousands of new videos, we think it’s safe to say that people who use TubeMate will never run out of cool videos to watch.

Watching Online Videos Without Mobile Data

The best thing about having TubeMate is that users can download all their favorite videos through the app when they are at home, near a stable Wi-Fi connection and then watch them whenever they want. To make things even better, TubeMate features a highly optimized file manager that makes it easy for people to select which videos they want to delete after watching them.

In addition, TubeMate also ships with an MP3 converter and this can be used to download thousands of songs. Once again, video streaming platforms are filled with an endless supply of content that range from interesting podcasts with people like Joe Rogan to all the latest and most popular songs such as Luis Fonsi and J Balvin’s “Despacito”.