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TubeMate Keeps People Entertained with an Endless Supply of Videos and Songs


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There are many reasons why people love using smartphones but truth be told, the best thing about them is that they keep us entertained. There’s no better way to pass up free time than to watch cool and interesting videos online, but this comes at a cost. These videos are online and they require a stable internet connection in order to buffer, thus making it hard to watch them while traveling.


Luckily for people who enjoy keeping themselves entertained through online videos, TubeMate is here to save the day. The reason we are saying this is because TubeMate gives all Android users the ability to download all their favorite videos.

Things get even better than this because TubeMate’s range of supported online streaming platforms is basically unlimited. TubeMate supports all the major platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, FunnyorDie and so on.

Downloading Music

As everyone already knows, YouTube is renowned for being filled with all the latest songs. All artists upload all their latest music videos, if not albums on the platform and millions of people get to enjoy them. Luckily for TubeMate users, this app ships with a built-in MP3 converter which makes it possible for them to expand their music library.

Fast Download Speeds

Considering that TubeMate is an online video downloader, the app’s developers have made sure to equip it with a special download manager that uses multiple thread connections. This is quite important since it boosts the download speeds of even the slowest internet connections.

We should also mention that all video downloads that take place through TubeMate are performed in the background. This means that TubeMate is never going to lock any smartphone and that users can take care of other tasks while their favorite shows or songs are being downloaded.