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Tutorial for Organizing Business Inventory in your Storage


Be it large or small, your business will require physical space and such it often happens that a large part of your inventory cannot be stored at the retail location for your business. This of course is not always the case, depending on the nature of your business, you might not need a retail location if you rely on an online store for sales or if you are a manufacturer that has contracted distributors.

A storage warehouse could simply be financially impossible for you to acquire at the time and you simply may not need even need that much storage surface. For this situation, a self storage facility could be the perfect solution in saving you money when compared to leasing or buying extra retail space.

A few things need to be taken into consideration when using a self-storage unit to get the most effect from it.


Prior to placing even one item of your inventory into the storage, you must set up the proper space in order to have the best possible organization ahead of time. This will prevent the headache of having to dig through crates and boxes in order to find a specific thing that you might need.

Organizing the inventory starts with the installation of good shelving units. Pre-made shelves can be purchased but you could also consider ordering customized ones depending on the various shapes of the products you will be expecting to accommodate. The point of this is to get the most of the available space you have.

Catalogue your inventory

Once the infrastructure has been set in place, a system for managing your inventory will need to be next on the list of priorities. This will start with a labeling system for your boxes so that employees can easily see what the boxes contain without the need to open them.

After the labelling system goes into effect, you will need to sort out the boxes in a more ergonomic way. For example, you can sort them out by type or by alphabet. This will entirely depend on the characteristics of your inventory and what makes better sense for your business.

Storing Popular Items

A general rule of thumb that is mostly used in businesses as far as inventory is concerned is that you place the most popular items at the front of the storage for ease of access. It is generally considered that 80% of your sales will be made out of about 20% of the products.


In this day and age, you and your employees do not have to memorize or have written down on paper the entirety of your inventory. This is not only a difficult and an antiquated way of keeping tabs on the inventory, but it also runs the risk of being not very secure. Upgrading to a digital management system for your inventory will be an important step up for your business. There are quite a few mobile apps that can make this job much easier. From barcode scanning to stock audits, applications will definitely help in the process of managing an inventory.