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tvOS 11.3 Has Been Launched For Apple TV, Along With The New watchOS 4.3


Just yesterday, Apple launched the new tvOS 11.3 version dedicated to the 4th and 5th generations of Apple TV, along with the new watchOS 11.3, as the Cupertino-based company offered updates for many of its own products.

According to the Apple’s representatives, Apple has thoroughly tested tvOS 11.3 and watchOS along with the new iOS 11.3 for more than 2 months, so, we should expect that these updates offer a very good user experience.

watchOS 4.3

watchOS 4.3 is available since yesterday for all Apple Watch compatible models and its installation can be done using the Software Update section of the iPhone Watch apps section.

watchOS 4.3 brings users the ability to use a function called Nightstand, this displaying information about the time, and not only, when the clock is placed in a lateral position.

Also, watchOS 4.3 finally brings to Apple Watch devices the ability to control music on the iPhone as long as it is played through the Music app, so you do not have to worry about it.

watchOS 4.3 also brings a new animation for Apple Watch, a new animation for opening applications, and the ability to see activity information on Siri.

tvOS 11.3

tvOS 11.3 can also be installed on Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K and the updating process can be performed via the Software Update app pre-installed on these products.

tvOS 11.3 solves Apple TV’s performance problems and improves the overall performance, so the user experience should be improved.

Also, tvOS 11.3 brings improvements to the Match Content system, the automatic change of the frame rate on Apple TV 4, but also to the AirPlay audio change when playing videos.

Unfortunately, tvOS 11.3 does not bring AirPlay 2 to Apple TV users, so Apple is likely to implement this in a future version of the operating system.

In conclusion, Apple ended March in force and released major software updated for its mains products. Therefore, since yesterday, tvOS 11.3 and watchOS 4.3 are available.