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Twitter Brings Live 360 Degree Media Content


The internet is filled with different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram but the one which stands out the most is Twitter. What makes Twitter so special is the fact that the developers behind the platform keep on updating it with innovative and useful features thus increasing Twitter’s active user base every day at steady rate.

Twitter has been trying to surpass its competition for a while now and it looks like the company has found the just the right tool to help them achieve that goal. Recent reports have been showing that Twitter started giving its users the ability to watch and create 360 degree live videos, similar to the one used by Periscope. Right now, this tool is only available to a handful of people but it will be soon rolled out to the wide public. This feature shouldn’t come as a surprise since live streaming is the trend right now among all other popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is known for always trying to stay on top of the latest trend.

From what we can see at the moment, it looks like Twitter live streamers will have to plug a camera into the bottom of a phone in order to start recording 360 degree videos. As previously mentioned this feature is only available to certain partners because Twitter is still tweaking the feature and going through all testing processes and this is the reason why the company isn’t hurrying to release the feature because it might be filled with bugs. Nonetheless, while right now there isn’t that much 360 degree media content on Twitter, once the tool goes live we can be sure that popular streamers will start toying with it and start creating fun and entertaining videos.

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  1. 360 Video are the new 3D TV’s. The tech just isn’t there yet. And with 360 video, they haven’t figured out how to make experiences that are more than gimmicks.

    I should be able to put on my PSVR headset & be in the best seat in the house at a live showing of Hamilton, courtside at an NBA game, ringside at a WWE event, in a box seat watching the SuperBowl with hundreds or dozens of others viewing it as well. But 360° streaming video resultion just isn’t up to snuff & even the headsets aren’t perfect yet.

    Until what we see from 360 video is at minimum Netflix Quality when viewed on your face with a VR headset or even on your PC, and they actually implement it in ways that would be valuable to consumers, the shit is the Dodo.!

  2. Periscope is endlessly entertaining when you find good feeds and it’s fun to broadcast from as well. I feel like Facebook Live has unfortunately stolen much of its thunder, but Periscope remains the better of the two in my opinion. 🙂

  3. Good to see Twitter focusing on the important issues that are slowly sinking their main/only product~

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