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Twitter Recent Updates: GIF Support, Ban On Terror Accounts, Timeline Changes


The rise of social media has been one of the biggest things in recent times. From being a platform where you can connect with your friends and family, it has risen to an all new level and has become a major source of advertising as well.

Twitter has been one of the biggest names in the markets of social media alongside names like Facebook and Google Plus.

Recently, Twitter has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades, which have helped improve the overall user experience in the social media service.

Following are the updates that the company has rolled out in recent times:

  1. GIF Support

Several users have been sending in reports that the company is preparing to add GIF support to the Twitter mobile application, and they now look to be working on the heels of various other forms of social media and apps such as Facebook, Tumblr and Tinder which have all been adding GIF support to their system.

The update comes in as a button on Twitter, and users will get the option to select GIFs based on ‘moods’.

  1. Ban on Terror Accounts

In latest news, Twitter has cracked down over 125,000 accounts and has shut them down, as the company has been ensuring that their platform is not a place for terrorist propaganda.

The company has now taken down several  accounts, and as per reports most of these accounts belong to IS sympathizers.

This ban on Terror accounts is a clear statement by Twitter saying that they will show extreme intolerance towards any sort of propaganda of hatred or violence.

  1. Timeline Changes

Since almost a year ago, there have been talks about how Twitter is planning to bring changes about the way their timeline functions.

The company has been working on the lines of improving the timeline experience for their users, and is now looking forward to change the way their timelines have typically been functioning, i.e. the chronological timeline is soon expected to make way for a new and improved algorithm-based timeline.

The update to the timeline is expected to come out as early as next week, and users have already been criticizing it. However, it is being said that this is going to be an ‘opt in’ update and the company will not be ‘forcing’ it on the users, atleast as of now.