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Twitter Timeline Modifications Are An Unwelcome Change


Twitter, one of the largest social networking sites of the world, has managed to create a new system and its users.

Reports from reliable sources around the Internet claimed that Twitter was about to introduce changes to its time line and wanted to make it more like Facebook. This for something users were not ready to accept.

One of the most important changes that were noticed on this timeline, what’s the introduction of chronological change.

The  while you were away feature that was introduced by Twitter last year, seems to be a little more elaborate in this new version.

If you are not logging into Twitter for a long time when you return finally you would be able to save the post that you have on your timeline and nothing but I lied from the period that you were missing from the Twitter scene.

The more regularly you visit with the less spaced out your highlights would be. The reverse chronological timeline order comes into the picture as soon as you pull down to refresh the stream of feeds that you see on the screen.

The first impression of the page would be much like the Reddit home page where the more I living things are first shown. When you scroll the other way that is up words then the chronology gets reversed.

Much like Google news that gives you related articles to research more about the topics Twitter also provides you more links to be able to learn more about the issue.

Not many users were pleased  when something like this cropped up so Twitter has added the option to be able to cancel the new format of the time line and remain with the old format as well.

The new order completely does away with the reverse chronological pattern of the previous timeline. Instead it introduces and organised algorithm must like the one Facebook users. With the worldwide distaste of the users that with the CEO of Jack Dorsey was forced to find out what the reason for the dislike was and come up with a solution.

According to Door Se the old pattern of the Twitter timeline would never be replaced. They would always be an option to continue using the same style like before. What Facebook does is something that ranks the post on the basis of its popularity.

Twitter would not be following this pattern.He assured  the uses the Twitter would continue to make the users feel that it is more like a Live News stream.