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UA Healthbox – the complete solution to fitness tracking


The UA HealthBox has been launched at the CES 2016 tradeshow by Under Armour. The UA HealthBox is a connected fitness system kit which is valued at $ 400. The HTC made and Under Armour product includes an activity – tracking wristband, a heart – rate monitor and a Wi-Fi enabled weighing scale. All the mentioned devices are compatible with Android phones or iPhone smartphones.

The devices are made to monitor many activities of the user such as user’s fitness, activity, nutrition and sleep. All the devices are meant to connect with the UA Record app which is available in the Google play store as well as the App store. The UA Record app after gathering information will deliver insights.

The users can set daily goals and track progress by using the UA Band, the tracker will show the progress on display. The daily activities, workout and sleep are tracked by the UA Band. The display stays on in an additional feature that is the advanced workout mode. When UA Band is paired with UA Heart Rate, it shows the heart rate zone through LED indicators. The UA Band comes in black with red underside with moisture wicking cloth. The heart rate sensor is placed under it and it alerts the consumers like the Apple watch to move around every 60 minutes. The band doesn’t have an inbuilt GPS though. The UA Band will be sold separately for $ 180. It is not said if the band will be available for shipping. Screenshot_22

During workouts the UA Heart Rate goes around the user’s chest and monitors the heart rate. As per the company, the micro snap technology makes it undetectable during workouts. The data of how many calories are burned during the workout is the job of the chest strap, when it is combined with the UA Record app, the users will be able to customize their heart rate zones. The chest strap is Bluetooth – enabled and will be sold separately. The UA Heart Rate is priced at $80.

The UA Scale is the Wi-Fi enabled weighing scale. The scale features a sheet of glass which contains with advanced conductive paint technology which helps the users to see the weight and body fat percentage. It can support up to 8 users and it comes in Black with red on the underside. The UA Scale costs $ 180.

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