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UC Browser Update Handles 20 Tabs at the Same Time


Ever since smartphones started ruling the tech market there have been a bunch of browser developers to pop up along the years, but one of them sticks out the most. UC Browser is considered as being one of the best if not the best mobile browsers. The reason behind this is that UC Browser allows users to completely customize their user interface and make it more personal while at the same time featuring a very user friendly interface.

The greatest feature about UC Browser is that it uses a unique download manager which manages data usage perfectly. What really makes the download manager so special is the fact that it provides users with the fastest download speeds. Additionally, UC Browser is equipped with the famous Ad Block feature which increases the user overall experience .

The reason why we’re talking about UC Browser right now is because a new update has been recently launched and it improves the browsers functionalities by a large margin. The update’s highlight is that users can now open up 20 tabs at the same time without hindering the browser’s performance. Taking in consideration that this is a mobile browser, being able to surf on 20 pages at the same time it’s truly impressive.

Alongside functionalities improvements the update also includes a bunch of small changes. For example the user interface has been slightly modified so that the search options are easier to find. Also worth mentioning is that UC Browser features Chrome’s classic Incognito mode and this is the safest browsing method. For starters using Incognito mode will not allow website to track the user while at the same time not saving web history. This can come in quite handy at time and being able to surf the web without worrying about being tracked is essential to a great user experience.

Nonetheless, mobile users can go ahead right now and download the UC Browser APK from the browser’s official website. UC Browser users should keep in mind that this update weighs in at 19.04 MB and that it can be downloaded on all mobile devices that run on Android 4.0 or better.