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UC Browser 12 Comes with New Improvements and Smart Features


UC Browser holds the title of being the most popular browser in India and this is an impressive achievement because there’s no other browser which can compete with the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox when it comes to popularity and performance. Nonetheless, the folks who are in charge of UC Browser have recently released a brand-new update and it contains a bunch of cool features.

UC Browser 12.0 Update

The latest version of UC Browser features the 12.0 build number and it can be downloaded straight from Google’s official Play Store. Since this is a new and updated version of the browser, readers should know that it performs way better than the previous builds. Not only that, but the new update also introduces a bunch of interesting features.

Saving Mobile Data

Using mobile data is great because it allows smartphone owners to browse the web and stream online videos while on the go. However, the big downside to mobile data is that it’s quite expensive and people can go through all their mobile data in a matter of days.

Luckily for UC Browser fans, the new version of the browser has been optimized to reduce mobile data consumption to up to 50 percent. Moreover, the folks who are in charge of UC Browser are saying that their goal is to provide fans with a “no buffering” video streaming experience.

Video Previews

As you can probably tell by now, the new update is focused on improving UC Browser’s video streaming performances. Therefore, the second feature that’s being introduced alongside this new update gives users the ability to preview videos by taping and holding on the thumbnail.

This is a great video because it allows users to see what type of videos they will watch and choose to not stream it and consume their mobile data if it doesn’t seem interesting.