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UC Browser 9.5 Edition Download Available for JAVA Based Smartphones


UC Browser holds the title of being the fastest browser in the lightweight division which makes it a great fit to anyone’s smartphone. There is also a JAVA edition of the browser which makes it possible for low-end smartphone owners to access it. Therefore, UC Browser can be installed on any JAVA based smartphone and its entirely free!

Customizable User Interface

The developer behind UC Browser know that people love to customize their smartphones and applications to better suit their liking. This is why UC Browser’s user interface doesn’t ship with any pre-installed themes or add-ons and it allows users to customize it however they want. Moreover, people can also keep the simple user interface which makes it easier to access different options.

Cloud Download

One of the coolest features that UC Browser offers is cloud download. This feature has been specially designed for users who are not always near a strong Wi-Fi network connection and it allows them to use the browser’s own cloud storage and then transfer it on their mobile device later on.

This feature can also be used to manage different audio and video files and then transfer them to the online UDisk. The reason why this is a great feature is because it enables users to watch videos through UDisk without being required to download them first.

Fast Download Speeds

Since we’re talking about downloads, we need to mention that UC Browser uses its own servers to enhance download speeds. This type of feature is what makes UC Browser a great app for JAVA based smartphone owners.

Lastly, we need to mention that the JAVA edition of UC Browser comes in “.JAR” format. This format can be downloaded on a computer and then transferred and installed on a designated mobile device through a USB connection.