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UC Browser For Android – Friendly and Simple UI, An Efficient Browser (Download)


Called by the developers ‘a fast and all in one web experience’, UC browser turns our attention when it comes to finding a fast, simple and friendly browser.

While it will not surpass the most popular web browsers for Android, such as Firefox, Chrome or even Dolphin Browser, UC Browser is a powerful app for web browsing and comes with a lot of features.

Let’s take a look at what UC browser can offer, if you’re looking for an alternative browser on your Android device.

Main Features: Gesture Controls, Voice Commands, Night Mode and More

With gesture controls you can perform a lot of actions. You can switch between tabs and even use voice commands to search on the web.

An important feature is Night Mode, which allows you to browse the web at night without hurting your eyes. It also has a complement for Facebook.

The Incognito Mode we’ve all seen on Chrome is present in UC Browser and does the same thing, allowing you to browse and leave no trail behind.

With its latest updates, UC Browser is a solid alternative to the popular Android web browsers. It’s a great browser for downloading content and it also has a UC Turbo feature if you want a faster browsing experience.

UC Browser Might Be Annoying to Some Users

There are some features that to most users, they seem unnecessary and make the browser a bit bloated. You can fix that by disabling a bunch of them, though.

There are also too many promotional contents and notifications that appear while using UC Browser. If this isn’t something that annoys you, and you’re just looking for something fast, then UC Browser is a good option.

Are you curious about this browser’s capabilities? Then go to Google Play Store on your Android device, install it and give it a try.

UC Browser can be downloaded from Google Play Store.