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UC Browser For Slower & Unstable Internet Connections Rivals Google Chrome In India And Indonesia


A browser that’s mostly unknown in the UK just emerged as a rival to Google Chrome in some parts of the world. Just a few people in the Western market are likely to have heard of UC Browser even if it has been made available to use on desktop and mobile for quite a while.

UC Browser vs. Google Chrome

0.7% of people in the UK have used UC Browser to browse the web back in December, and 45.63% have been using Chrome which you already know it’s the world’s most popular browser.

Things were similar in Europe as a whole where the UC Browser’s popularity was below the ones of Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Samsung Internet, Opera, Edge, the Android version and Yandex, and in the US as well where it had only 0.32% of the market.

Wall Street Journal reported that UC Browser rivals Google Chrome in some parts of the world.

According to StarCounter, UC Browser had 36.35% share of the market in India in 2017 and Chrome had 42.77%. on the other hand, on mobile, the UC Browser was the most popular choice with 43.44% of the market, while Chrome had 35.48% of the market.

In China, UC Browser had a 31.49% share of the market on mobile in 2017, and Chrome had 36.8%. In Indonesia, UC Browser had a 33.35% share on mobile, and Chrome had 42.27%.

UC Browser’s popularity is increasing in emerging markets 

UC Browser’s popularity might be growing especially in India and Indonesia because it’s designed for people with slow and unstable Internet connections.

Security experts have found a few securo6ty related issues with the browser.

Back in 2016, The Citizen Lab released a report saying that the browser was vulnerable to hackers and that different versions of the UC Browser have been transmitting “personally identifiable information with easily decryptable encryption”.


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