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UC Browser is Slowly but Surely Surpassing Google Chrome


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The internet is filled with different web browser offerings but not all of them offer the same high-quality user experience. Traditionally, Google Chrome was known as the most popular web browser but another competitor started slowly surpassing Chrome. UC Browser is slowly but surely becoming the most popular mobile browser in the world.

We can be sure that UC Browser would hold the number one spot if Google Chrome didn’t come pre-installed on every Android powered smartphone.

Nonetheless, today we’re going to take a look at the best features that UC Browser brings to the table and see what makes it so highly desirable.

UC Browser: Download Manager

Hands down, the best thing about UC Browser is its carefully optimized Download Manager. This feature provides users with impressive downloads speeds that no other browser is able to bring. Even better, the Download Manager doesn’t hinder UC Browser’s page loading times at all.

UC Browser: Ad Blocker

Smartphone owners should be happy to know that UC Browser comes with its own special pre-installed ad blocker. Taking in consideration that websites are starting to aggressively market their products with pop-ups and click bait advertisements, using ad blocker becomes very essential.

UC Browser: Private Mode

The feature that helped Google Chrome gain its popularity is its Incognito Mode. Fortunately, UC Browser features its own Private Mode which offers the same features as Incognito mode. This means that UC Browser users will be allowed to safely surf the web and their history won’t store their visited site. Additionally, websites will not be able to track the user’s location or save cookies.

UC Browser: Themes

One cool thing that UC Browser brings to table and not all browsers do is that it allows users to customize their theme background. This way, users will be able to make their browser more personal and look better at the same time.

This feature can be accessed by simply opening up the “Settings” panel. UC Browser users should be happy to find out that they can use whichever picture they might want, be it a mobile picture or a beautiful landscape photo.