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UC Browser Mini 10.7.8 APK Download Brings New Bug Fixes and Improves Stability


When UC Browser first arrived on the app market, no one believed that it could compete against the likes of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. Despite all odds, UC Browser proved to be a fast, reliable and premium browser. Furthermore, a Mini version of UC Browser has been developed for mobile devices.

UC Browser Mini is compatible with multiple operating systems including Android and iOS. The best thing about this app is that it features the same premium experience as the original browser does, but its smaller in size.

The second best thing about the Mini version of UC Browser is that the developers are constantly tweaking it out with new updates.

UC Browser Mini 10.7.8 APK Update

The latest update for UC Browser Mini brings the app’s version number up to 10.7.8 and it can be downloaded in form of APK right now. The update requires only 1.7MB of free space and it contains numerous bug fixes and performance tweaks.

While the update might not include any innovative features, UC Browser Mini users are still advised to download it as soon as possible since it squashes some known and annoying bugs. No one likes it when apps crash or start acting weird and this is why bug fixes are so important.

Key Features

As previously mentioned, this browser is fast and reliable. The fast part comes as a courtesy of UC Browser Mini’s special download manager which uses the company’s own servers to enhance download speeds.

Things get even better though since the manager uses smart download settings which allow it to pick up where it left off even though the browser might be closed while downloading.

Another key feature that helped UC Browser Mini gain such a massive following is its Incognito mode. This mode makes it possible for users to surf the web without leaving a trace in their browser history.

Get UC Browser Mini from Google Play Store.