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UC Browser Mini 11.0.6 APK Update is Now Live


One of the things that makes Google’s Android operating system so awesome is the endless amount of apps that people get to choose from. UC Browser Mini is one of those apps and its performance is extraordinary. Despite its small size, UC Browser Mini operates like a heavy weight PC browser and it offers the same premium user experience as the PC version of it.

UC Browser Mini 11.0.6 APK

Even though Google pre-installs Chrome on all Android powered smartphones, this doesn’t mean that people are forced to stick with it. Android fans who are looking for a more powerful browser which is optimized to consume low amounts of internet data and storage space should be happy to know that UC Browser Mini is a great alternative.

UC Browser Mini is packed with tons of cool features such as a special download manager and built-in adblocker, but the best thing about it is that its constantly being updated with APKs. In fact, a new APK update which brings the browser’s build number up to 11.0.6 is now available.

The update is small in size just like the browser, weighing in at 2.78MB and it contains a couple of bug fixes and performance tweaks. Furthermore, we should mention that this latest UC Browser Mini APK requires a minimum of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system in order to function.

Bug Fixes

Nonetheless, UC Browser Mini fans who want to make sure that the app runs at its maximum performance should update with this latest APK as soon as possible. The reason we are saying this is because the new APK is packed with bug fixes which get rid of annoying issues and software tweaks which make it run faster than usual.