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UC Browser Mini 11.3.0 Update Refreshes the User Interface


Even though Android-powered smartphones ship with Google Chrome pre-installed, this doesn’t mean that Android fans need to stick with it. Google Chrome is infamous for using up large amounts of RAM and slowing down even the most powerful of smartphones. Therefore, Android fans might want to consider giving UC Browser Mini a try.

UC Browser Mini

Just like we can tell from its name, UC Browser Mini is a lightweight browser that doesn’t take up too much storage space. This makes UC Browser Mini the perfect choice for people who don’t own high-end smartphones that ship with large internal storage spaces. Moreover, UC Browser Mini features a premium user experience that makes it easier for people to surf the web.

Latest 11.3.0 Update

Since we are talking about UC Browser Mini, we need to mention that it recently received a major update. The update changes UC Browser Mini’s version number to “11.3.0” and it’s available for all Android users. Even though the developers behind UC Browser Mini are known for releasing APK updates, this latest one is being rolled out OTA (over the air) instead.

With that being said, UC Browser Mini users should keep their eyes peeled at the notifications panel because the new update should arrive any moment.

In addition, the update is lightweight measuring at 3.3MB which means that Android fans don’t need to be connected to a strong Wi-Fi network to download it.

What’s New?

The first thing that UC Browser Mini users are going to notice after installing this latest update is that the browser features a brand-new Menu-Clear and Clear Menu. Things get even better than this since the update also tweaks out the UI (user interface) in order to make the history panel easier to access.