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UC Browser Mini Takes Mobile Web Surfing to the Next Level


Everyone carries a smartphone in their pocket nowadays and the reason behind this is that they are super useful in our everyday lives. Just take for example how you can order an Uber and pay for the ride directly through your smartphone instead of having to wait outside in the cold in order to hail a classic the traditional way. Therefore, apps are what make smartphones so useful and this why mobile browsers are essential.

Talking about mobile browsers, Google pre-installs Chrome on all Android powered devices while Apple does the same thing to iPhones with Safari. However, this doesn’t mean that Android and iOS fans are required to stick with Chrome or Safari because tens of mobile browsers offer better performances and similar features.

UC Browser Mini

The best example of mobile browsers which are ideal alternatives to Chrome and Safar is UC Browser Mini. The first thing we need to mention about UC Browser Mini is that as its name implies, the browser has been carefully optimized to not consume too much storage space. Considering that most smartphones ship with a low amount of internal storage space, we think it’s safe to say that UC Browser Mini’s small size is a great feature.

Nonetheless, the small size of UC Browser Mini is not the feature that makes this browser worth our attention since it ships with a plethora of other innovative and highly useful features such as a special download manager and more. With that being said, today we are going to check out what UC Browser Mini has to offer and see if it is truly a great alternative to Chrome and Safari.

Special Download Manager

As previously mentioned, UC Browser Mini is equipped with a special download manager. This feature is what made the original UC Browser famous because it uses multiple thread connections when downloading files and this helps to increase the average MB/s download speed. Another great thing about UC Browser Mini’s download manager is the fact that it uses the browser’s own servers to boost download speeds.

Simple UI (user interface)

Not everyone loves to mess with customization and preference options and the developers behind UC Browser Mini know that too well. Most people need a browser that they can simply turn on and instantly search for the content or information that they wish to find. Therefore, UC Browser Mini is equipped with a simple, yet sleek looking UI that makes it easy for everyone to enjoy the browser’s features.

Lower Mobile Data Consumption

Most times people use their mobile browser is when they are on the go. This means that there won’t be a stable Wi-Fi network around and people will need to rely on their mobile data instead. The downside about this is that mobile data tends to run out quite quickly and that it costs a lot of money.

Fortunately, UC Browser Mini’s software has been optimized to reduce the amount of mobile data it needs to search for information on the web. UC Browser Mini will help everyone reduce how much mobile data they use on average through its unique data compression system.


Don’t you hate it when you try to watch an online video or to check out a webpage only to have your smartphone’s screen filled with intrusive ads? Yes, this is the worst part about surfing the web, but this isn’t an issue with UC Browser Mini because it features a pre-installed adblocker that automatically blocks ads from ever appearing on the screen.