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UC Browser Offers the Most Premium Web Surfing Experience


Smartphones are so amazing that they became essential to our everyday lives. These devices can be used for all sorts of tasks starting with basic stuff like placing calls and sending text messages up to checking emails, setting navigation routes and watching videos. However, there is always an app that can make smartphones better than they already are.

One of the best thing about smartphones is that they make it possible for everyone to browse the web while on the go. Browsing the web is super useful because people can use it to find valuable information and what better way to enhance this experience than with a premium-level browser?

UC Browser

Even though Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, UC Browser is quickly catching up to it. Considering that Google Chrome is pre-installed on all Android powered devices, the fact that UC Browser is posing a threat to it is super impressive. This shows us that the services that UC Browser offers are of premium quality.

Nonetheless, today we are going to present some of UC Browser’s most important features in order to determine if its worth our attention or not. Without any further ado, let’s see what UC Browser has to offer.

Simple User Interface

The biggest issue that people have when switching to a new app or browser is getting accustomed to the UI. Even though this is a major problem, some developers just don’t seem to get it. Luckily, this isn’t an issue with UC Browser since the folks who are in charge of it have equipped with a simple to use UI.

Everyone can install UC Browser on their smartphone in a couple of seconds and understand everything that the UI does even faster than that. The secret behind this is the sleek looking design and cleverly placed panels.

Fast Download

Browsing the web is great, but some people want to take things even further by downloading stuff and UC Browser is the perfect browser to do that on. UC Browser is equipped with a special download manager that uses multiple thread connection in order to boost the average download speeds. Not only that, but UC Browser is renowned for using the company’s own servers when downloading files.

Built-in Adblocker

Can you think of something more annoying than adds that pop up and fill up your display? Intrusive ads ruin web browsing experiences and this is why UC Browser ships with a pre-installed adblocker. Therefore, UC Browser users will not need to rely on a third-party adblocker and use the one that comes in the same package with the browser instead.

Facebook Mode

We all know that scrolling through the social media newsfeed is the best way to pass up free time. However, UC Browser makes this experience even more fun with its special Facebook mode. This mode is great because it allows people to uninstall the full application from their smartphones and free up storage space which they can fill with something more important such as family photos, other apps or music.

Data Saving

Browsing the web would not be possible without mobile data and the team behind UC Browser knows that too well. This is why they decided to introduce a special software that allows UC Browser to compress data in order to reduce how much of it is consumed on a daily basis. Furthermore, mobile data is quite expensive and people are going to see their monthly phone bills get cheaper after using UC Browser.