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UC Browser to Get New Update for Windows 10 Mobile Users


Microsoft has finally done it! After a long period of public excitement and rising curiosity, the company has finally announced the arrival of their next big thing in the world of mobile phones, the Windows 10 Mobile for all. Well almost all.

Microsoft, which has been a leading name in the world of technology for several decades now, has dominated the markets of technology time and again. The company has now decided to take things to the next level as they introduced the Windows 10 Mobile OS.

Initially, it was available only for the users of Lumia 950 (and its XL variant), Lumia 550 and Lumia 650 when it came to the Microsoft made devices. The company has now introduced it for a much larger number of phones, and they have now managed to become a much bigger market than ever before.

With the Windows 10 Mobile now spreading across millions of more devices than it was in the past, app makers too, are all set to introduce their applications for this latest platform. One of the biggest names which is soon expected to come out with a major update for its users on the Windows Phone platform is that of UC Browser.

The UC Browser has been in the markets since several years now. It has been in the market since the days of the pre-symbian era and was one of the hottest names when the Symbian revolution began and Nokia’s dominance exerted across the markets. However, the UC Browser has now been gearing up for newer and better updates.

It is expected that the company will release a major update soon, which will introduce the UC Browser as a major player in the Windows 10 Mobile markets. This update is all set to make use of the power of Bing search and Bing will be made the default homepage and search engine too.

The new update the UC Browser for the Windows 10 Mobile OS is expected to bring out a change in downloads too, as faster downloads are expected to be a part of this update.

The browsing experience too is expected to become much smoother and the company has been anticipated to fix several bugs that were prominent in its previous versions for Windows devices where the app might hang time and again while browsing videos.

The latest update for the UC browser for Windows 10 Mobile OS should roll out sometime this week.


    • Now just lets hope windows 10 will be able tobset standard programs in the future

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