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UC Browser Update Download Available for Android


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UC Browser has become one of the leading mobile browsers worldwide. It has more than 400 million people using it in more than 150 countries. The version addresses Android mobile devices, such as phone and tablets.

Main Features

The new version owns a proprietary U3 kernel which is optimized for browsing on the mobile. It is faster, more stable, stronger, plus it saves up battery.


The new version takes into account the impact it has over the environment. And it is quite a big one, if you think about it and do the math. With all the millions of people who are using the UC Browser, if the browser manages to save up battery on all the devices, this means that it contributes to saving up energy and not wasting resources.

Improved Efficiency

The new version helps you store the latest pages you browsed, so it saves you time. You can switch between the pages you visited recently without having to reload them, which is a plus.

Smarter Technology

The new UC Browser relies on a smarter technology for network adaptation. Besides, it offers a reliable download management feature. You can also preview whatever documents you have, and it supports various formats: .docs, .xls, .ppt, .pdf, .rar, .zip. There is a compatibility for pause and resume that comes together with the new version.

QR Code Feature

If you want to have a completely different way of entering URLs, now you have the chance to take advantage of the QR Code Scanner that is incorporated.

A New Way of Scrolling Pages

If you’re looking for a more convenient way of scrolling pages, then you have the option of using the volume buttons for navigating up and down the webpages. All in all, the new version is more accessible and convenient for the users.