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UC Browser vs. Google Chrome – Best Features and Compatibility Comparison


People are familiar with the fact that both Google Chrome and the UC Browser are some of the best web browsers you can choose for a mobile device. However, what if you have to use it on a laptop or a desktop? Which one should be more appropriate for you?

Compatibility with Devices

When it comes to being compatible with devices, you should know that Google Chrome works with Mac, Windows and Linux. As such, no matter what kind of device or OS you are using, most likely you can run Chrome on it. However, this doesn’t happen with the UC Browser, since it is only compatible with devices that run the Windows 7, 8 and 10. It might change in the future, but up until then it loses when it comes to this.


The UC Browser asks you to choose between two New Tab styles. They both look quite good, and you can also customize them in a way you find attractive. The design is not that neat, since it has some buttons placed on the top and bottom. At the same time, Google Chrome wins with a clean and rather minimalist design. It offers simple menu and scroll bars, so you don’t really have any icons on the address bar.


Here, the two browsers are kind of equal, since they both offer the main features you would expect from a browser. They allow you the Privacy Mode, which lets you see webpages without saving cookies on your device. Also, you have bookmarks, form input, password management options and other configuration options for the website.


Both browsers are great if you refer to the basic functions. However, if we were to analyze them in detail, then we can say for sure that the UC Browser loses in front of the more popular Google Chrome.