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UC Browser vs Vivaldi – Which One Takes the Cake?


The best thing about owning a PC has to undoubtedly be the fact that users can always pop up a browser and Google whatever they need to find out. This is where web browsers come in. The browser industry is usually ruled by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but new players are joining in the race every year. UC Browser and Vivaldi are the most prolific up and comers and today we’re going to pin them against each other.

Today’s brief comparison is going to be focused on features because these are what make or break a great browser. In addition, we should mention that UC Browser is reportedly actually surpassing Google Chrome when it comes to popularity. If Chrome didn’t’ ship pre-installed on all Android smartphones, we can be sure that UC Browser would have the biggest market share percentage. Without any further ado, let’s jump into it.


The feature that has made UC Browser so popular is its carefully developed Download Manager. Everyone downloads files with their browsers and the developers behind UC Browser know that too well. This is why UC Browser has been equipped with the fastest Download Manager ever made. Worth noting is that even though the Download Manager is able to take down files in a matter of seconds, it doesn’t affect UC Browser’s page loading times.

The reason why Vivaldi is considered as being one of the most underrated web browsers is because it has been equipped with a very cool user interface. Vivaldi features a minimalistic UI that’s filled with basic fonts, icons and color schemes. The best thing about it though, is the fact that users are allowed to make it more personal by adding their own touch to it. Therefore, Vivaldi features one of the most customizable and sleek looking UIs.

Operating System

UC Browser is compatible with almost all platforms. In fact, a special Windows 10 edition of the browser has recently been released. In addition, UC Browser is also supported by iOS, Android and even Symbian. On the other hand, Vivaldi can only be used on Windows, Mac and Linux.