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UC Browser Windows 10 Edition is Live


UC Browser is quickly becoming the most popular mobile browser in the world. In fact, the only opponent that UC Browser has yet to surpass is Google Chrome and that’s only because Chrome ships pre-installed on all Android powered smartphones. Seeing the quick growth in popularity, the developers behind UC Browser have decided to launch a Windows 10 Edition.

UC Browser Windows 10 Edition Available on Windows Store

Interested readers should know that this special edition of UC Browser can be downloaded straight from the Windows Store and not through third party apps. What’s interesting is that UC Browser will be competing directly against Microsoft’s own Edge browser. This rivalry is going to be entirely different from what we’re used to see since UC Browser is usually facing off against Google Chrome. Nonetheless, we can be sure that UC Browser will give Edge a good fight.

Sadly, the browser is not available for Windows Mobile. The developers have yet to announce if they will launch a Windows Mobile edition of it, but it is highly possible that they will do. We advise Windows 10 users to give UC Browser a try and get a feel for it. The browser has been filled with a large number of innovative features that will completely enhance the web surfing experience.

UC Browser Windows 10 Edition: Features

First and foremost, UC Browser comes with inPrivate Window. This feature is quite amazing to have since it doesn’t allow websites to track the user’s location or cookies. In regards to security, UC Browser has also been equipped with a special password manager which will store login info from different websites.

Although the inPrivate Window is nice to have, the best thing about UC Browser is definitely its Download Manager. This feature has been carefully optimized so that it provides users with the fastest download speeds. Even better, the download manager doesn’t slow down UC Browser at all even though it might be downloading large files.

The developers behind UC Browser know too well that everyone enjoys opening large amounts of tabs at the same time and that’s they have implement Tab Stack. When this feature is enabled it will automatically stack all tabs in one place therefore making the UI look cleaner.