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UC Browser Windows 10 Edition Free Download Available


The internet is filled with mobile and desktop browser offerings from different tech companies but some of them stand out the most. Everyone knows about Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but these two browsers are no longer the most popular ones. UC Browser has already surpassed Mozilla Firefox in the charts and Google Chrome is next in line. Although if Google Chrome didn’t come pre-installed on Android powered smartphones, UC Browser would have already became number one. The reason we are talking about UC Browser is because a special Windows 10 edition of it has been launched.

UC Browser Windows 10 Edition

A couple of months ago, the developers behind UC Browser announced that they will be launching a Windows 10 Edition. Well, the day has finally come and Windows 10 users can download UC Browser straight from the Windows Store. We can safely say that UC Browser is more than capable of replacing Microsoft’s own Edge browser. On the downside, UC Browser Windows 10 edition is only compatible with desktops.

UC Browser Features

Right now we’re going to go over some of the best features that UC Browser brings to the table. The first one has to be its highly optimized Download Manager. This feature provides users with the fastest download speeds. Additionally, the special Download Manager doesn’t hinder UC Browser’s page loading speeds at all.

There are many features that have helped UC Browser gain the large user base it’s now boasting with. Although the most important one of them is its super friendly user interface. The UI sports a minimalistic look that gives users the ability to focus on one matter at a time. Even better, UC Browser users can personalize their UI by adding backgrounds.

UC Browser boasts with the fact that its developers put a high price on user experience. This is why UC Browser features a special Metro-style Magnet tab system. This feature comes in quite handy especially to users that enjoying keeping large amounts of tabs open at the same time. Even better, UC Browser allows users to stack tabs. This way, the UI will never look messy even though there might be over 20 tabs open at the same time.