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UC Browser Windows Edition is Available for Download


There are numerous browsers that PC users can choose from but not all of them can go head to head against UC Browser. This browser has been specially developed and designed to combine speed with reliability in a premium package. UC Browser is also versatile since it allows users to switch between Internet Explorer kernels and Chromium at their leisure.

Fast Speeds

Right off the bat, the first thing that stands out about UC Browser is its fast download speeds. The folks at Alibaba (the company that created UC Browser) have made sure to equip the browser with a special download manager that uses the company’s own servers to enhance download speeds.

Things don’t end there since the download manager is also equipped with a resume option that comes in quite handy when downloads are being interrupted.

Easy to Use

Most browsers are equipped with complex UIs that make it hard for new users to understand them. This is not the case with UC Browser since its UI is rather simple. However, the UI is also customizable through speed dials, add-ons and special themes.

Account Synchronization

Right now, we are talking about the PC edition of UC Browser. However, there is also a mobile edition that works on both iOS and Android. The reason why this matters is because the browser is fitted with cloud synchronization which enables users to seamlessly switch between devices without having to change their log-in information.

Google Chrome’s Biggest Competitor

UC Browser is more than often being compared with Google Chrome because they are very similar. Considering how Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world, the comparison shows us just how powerful UC Browser really is.

Although, there are some key differences between these browsers. For example, UC Browser doesn’t feature the built-in PDF Viewer and Flash Player like Chrome does while Chrome lacks a special download manager.