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Ultra-Photorealistic Game ‘Unrecord’ May Be Made Available to Consoles!


According to the FAQ section of the game’s official Discord server, Unrecord may be planned for a variety of platforms.
While the game is being developed, the team is thinking about other platforms besides Xbox and PlayStation.
Since DRAMA wants to reach as many players as possible, it’s possible that the game will eventually be made available through PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass.
Unrecord is a photorealistic single player first person shooter developed by DRAMA that combines ultra realistic graphics with realistic camera work taken via a body cam.
While many users believed the game was only intended for PC gaming, it appears that the developers are already considering porting the new first person shooter to other platforms as well!
The information comes from the FAQ section featured on the game’s official Discord server, where it explains the game’s long-term goals.
“We are considering other platforms in addition to the PC for the release of Unrecord. We want to deliver a top-notch experience while reaching as many players as we can. Updates to platform accessibility will be made.”
According to the Steam tracking website SteamDB, Unrecord has over 10,000 followers as of the time of writing and is already available to wishlist on Steam.
However, other platforms are also “considered,” leaving console only players eagerly anticipating the realistic first-person shooter project.
We could be able to enjoy the attractive venture on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X soon, making for a hearty and fun time where every fired bullet feels real.
As a result, we can anticipate that the platform compatibility will be updated as the game’s development advances.
Although no specific console is named, we can also expect it to be available on both. We might also see Unrecord appear on subscription services such as the Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus, which will thankfully make it more easily accessible and a more affordable choice for gamers who only like to play on consoles.
After all, as mentioned above, the team is attempting to target “as many players as possible” so this sort of trajectory for the project would only make sense.
Unrecord has recently gained popularity due to its realistic style in terms of both camera style and visuals, but some gamers still reject it because they don’t think it’s a real project.
But contrary to what many gamers have believed, the title is actually real, not just some actual real-life recorded footage or artificial intelligence-generated content.
The fact that so many people thought it was is more of a compliment and a testament to the project’s incredible visuals.
As for what the storyline and gameplay have to offer, in Unrecord, you take on the role of a tactical police officer as you investigate a case through the lens of the body camera.
It will be necessary for you to use both tactical and detective abilities in this game to solve a complex case, which will make it seem as though every shot you fire could affect how the mission turns out.