Unexpected Prince “Deliverance” EP to Come out on April 21st


    One year has passed since Prince passed away, but this doesn’t mean that we have heard the last of him. To everyone’s surprise, Prince’s music label has recently uploaded a new EP that’s been entitled “Deliverance” on Apple Music. The EP is available for pre-orders right now and it will officially come out on April 21st.

    Deliverance EP

    The EP starts off strong with a blues guitar riff that’s considered as being a Prince trademark sound and then it smoothly goes into a gospel groove that’s accompanied by the amazing guitar riff alongside a beautiful organ sound. Prince’s vocals are the best thing about Deliverance because they are very powerful. Deliverance includes lyrics such as “You can ease the pain of a few but until God intervenes/ Ain’t nothing, nothing man can do/ Except cause each other injury/ Somebody say, Katrina levees”.

    Six New Tracks

    Deliverance will include six new tracks that have been co-produced and co-wrote by Prince in collaboration with Ian Boxill. We should mention that these six songs have been written back in 2008 and this will be the first time they see the light of day. However, Ian Boxill was the one who finished the tracks in light of Prince’s death.

    • “I am”;
    • “Deliverance”;
    • “No One Else”;
    • “Touch Me”;
    • “I am” (extended version);
    • “Sunrise Sunset”

    Prince Music

    As everyone already knows, Prince has died last year at the age of 57. The prolific singer took an overdose of the painkiller known as Fentanyl by accident. Ever since Prince passed away, the entire world has been buzzing with rumors about not-yet released tracks that Prince has created. Rumor has it that Prince has been keeping a chest full of tracks, collaborations and so on, that he decided to not release. Let’s just hope that his family decides to show unveil them to the wide public.

    Nonetheless, we can be sure that Apple Music is going to be flooded with pre-orders for Deliverance. Considering the fact that Prince has been one of the most influential singers to ever live, we can safely say that the upcoming EP will be a hit.