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Universal concept of basic income pushed by Tech giants Sam Altman and Elon Musk


With the imminent robot revolution which expected to leave the trail of unemployment in their wake. Some tech leaders of Silicon Valley think they have a suitable remedy to the forthcoming with lesser jobs free amount which could earn for all.

It’s called as universal basic income, the radical perception which is picking up the steam as a perfect way to offer all Americans with the smallest level of financial security. Here the idea is quite controversial and expensive. It ensures cash for every person, irrespective of the income level or irrespective of the employment status.

Altman said in the concert at San Francisco, “We must get it, so none of the people is tense as how they will have payment for the living place, no person will worry about enjoying their life”. “Just give the people adequate money to have the sensible life quality.”

Altman supports the study of basic income as an idea gains high impetus in the Bay Area. The specialists, technical front-runners, economists assembled in the SF preceding month for a workspace on the subject directed by Financial Security. This project is capitalizing about $ten million in the basic income projects for next 2 years.

Supporter confirms that utopian method provide respite to the Silicon Valley’s workers and ahead of this might find the jobs. It endangered through robots as a simulated intelligence keeps becoming cleverer. Much before robots also take over. There are few economists even say that basic income must use as the tool for combating poverty.

Dissimilar to the customary programs, the beneficiary of global basic income does not require proving their financial status. Their status of service, disability and any other personal obligations prior to collecting money.