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Unprecedented Update For New State Mobile Hits Google Play Store

Credit: Krafton/New State

This month’s new version for New State Mobile is now available in the Google Play & Android App stores. Among other things, this patch introduces a new grassy terrain beneath the bridge (complete with guard towers, bridge, as well as a river dividing the two sections), a fresh Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), the ability to ride on the backs of downed opponents, the debut of Survivor Pass Vol. 7 and much more.

You may now play Round Deathmatch on the new stage called Underbridge. The architecture of the map encourages a lot of mid-to long-range combat. Each camp has a watchtower that allows players to see enemy positions from afar.

A new battle leveling system has been implemented in Round Deathmatch in the May Update. It’s now possible for players to gain experience in the Team/Round Deathmatch just by participating in it. Combat XP is not awarded to players who abandon the battle and their teammates in the midst of a confrontation.

The M110A1 seems to be the latest DMR to enter the ranks of New State Mobile; it replaces the M110. 7.62mm ammunition and the game’s quickest projectile velocity make this DMR stand out from the others. In order to strike a compromise between high damage production and consistent recoil, the M110A1 has a variety of attachments that may be attached to the weapon, including one with a sight, magazine, muzzle attachment, and then a cheek pad space.

In New State Mobile, you may now use an action element called Piggyback to your advantage. Those who have been knocked unconscious may now be carried to safety by piggybacking on the backs of other players, both friends and opponents.

New Survivor Pass featuring Paul Rubin of the New State faction, which will be available on New State Mobile as part of the May Edition. As long as players complete every one of the Main Missions each and every week, they can get Paul Rubin’s outfits.