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Upcoming Year 2016: FIVE predictions for Google


With devices just like the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, Google over 2015 on a high.

However, with the New Year on the horizon, it’s already time to start out trying ahead.

If you thought this year was sensible with releases like Android Marshmallow and plenty of Android Wear devices, simply wait till 2016.

We’re here to hit you with 5 predictions concerning what Google may do next year, and why it’d finally be time to examine out Google Glass for real.

The various predictions, from Nexus is to what we desire out of Android 7.0 (and what the name may be!).

These are all pretty safe bets, though we are in little doubt as we could see some massive surprises from Google next year.

What may they be? We have a tendency to don’t apprehend of course.

I simply hope Google can tell USA once we can purchase one amongst its cute self-driving cars.

Nexus constituent

There are rumors Huawei may once more build consecutive Nexus, however with Google exploring a lot of constituent potentialities, what if the search big engineered its own phone hardware? It sounds crazy; however Google has already engineered a laptop and pill.

Why not spherical out its mobile portfolio with a smartphone, too? I will already imagine that stunning lightweight bar sitting pretty on the rear of the device.

Sure, Huawei’s hand within the Nexus 6P can’t be understated; the company’s influence was an enormous reason why it had been our most wanted smartphone of 2015.

However next year could be the proper time for Google to travel solo. It is true that its constituent merchandise have not been thriving within the shopper market they were not designed to be.

However with parts cheaper than ever, we have a tendency to get shocked to ascertain Google seriously contemplate handling the method from high to bottom.

Android 7.0

This one could be a duh! however we have a tendency to significantly expect to ascertain Google proclaimed Android 7.0.

What it’ll be known as, and what options it includes could be an utterly totally different story.

There are murmurs there could be some Chrome OS influence, and the other way around, taking the platform to a completely new level. At the terribly least, we are hoping to ascertain higher multitasking, improved backup and restore, and a lot of persistent Android expertise across multiple devices.

Google Glass returns!

Google Glass has been prominently absent from the search giant’s lineup in 2015, however currently to blame, we have a tendency that wouldn’t shocked to ascertain the wearable build its triumphant come back.

Glass was a good concept wasn’t dead similarly because it may are, however with advancements in technology, rumors counsel Google is fit to re-introduce the face laptop in a very sleeker, a lot of purposeful package.

We have a tendency to simply hope it’s not thus costly this point around.

Enhanced life science
Android has been slow to leap into life science, however with Nexus Imprint currently alive and kicking, wouldn’t it’s nice for Google to advance this market even a lot of.

We actually like what Microsoft is doing with Windows hello, thus we’re hoping Android adopts an analogous kind of system.

Unlocking your phone with a fingerprint is very good; however we would prefer to see retinal and face-scanning technology in our future mechanical man devices.

Android Wear love

Android Wear has received many massive updates throughout the year, however one issue we’re still sad with is that the UI/UX.

It’s not that it’s ugly as such; however we’ve perpetually found it a little ungainly and troublesome to navigate.

No wearable OS has been ready to very get the expertise specifically right, thus mechanical man Wear isn’t the sole wrongdoer.

However we’d expect Google to introduce a lot of efficient OS that’s easier to navigate with lot of power than ever.