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Update: UC Browser Mini 11.2.0 Comes with Lots of Bug Fixes and Software Tweaks


A new APK is available for UC Browser Mini and it enhances the browser’s overall stability through bug fixes and software tweaks. The APK changes UC Browser Mini’s version number to 11.2.0 and it improves the user experience that Android fans receive. With that being said, today we are going to check out what UC Browser Mini has to offer and what type of software tweaks this latest update contains.

UC Browser Mini 11.2.0 Update

The first thing we need to mention is that APK updates are not rolled out through official OTA (over the air) channels and instead, UC Browser Mini users are required to manually download and install them. The main purpose of APK updates is so that beta testers, third-party app developers and eager fans can check out the new features before everyone else.

Another important thing that’s worth noting is that Android users who are looking to install APK updates on their smartphones need to enable the “Unknown Sources” features first. This feature can be found in the “Settings” panel and it doesn’t require anything else than a simple screen tap in order to be enabled.

Improved Stability

Even though UC Browser Mini fans are accustomed to receiving cool features every time a new update arrives, they shouldn’t be disappointed to find out that this is not the case with this latest 11.2.0 APK. The reason we are saying this is because this update is focused on improving the browser’s stability and user experience through bug fixes and software tweaks.

Bug Fixes

Is there something more annoying than trying to use an app on your smartphone and not being able to because of bugs? Things get even worse than this because bugs can also cause apps to crash and it somehow always happens right in the most inopportune times such as when looking for important information.

Nonetheless, the developer team behind UC Browser Mini wants to make sure that this never happens to UC Browser Mini fans and this is why they included a handful of bug fixes and software tweaks in this this latest 11.2.0 APK update.

Premium Mobile Browser

The interesting thing about UC Browser Mini is that even though Google Chrome is pre-installed on all Android smartphones, UC Browser Mini still manages to give it some tough competition. This shows us that UC Browser Mini is a premium mobile browser and that its more than ready to compete against everyone.

Tiny Size

Since we are talking about UC Browser Mini, we need to mention that the best thing about it is its tiny size. Not everyone is able to afford one of Google’s latest Pixel 2 smartphones that ship with lots of storage space and this makes it difficult for people to use browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera who are infamous for how much storage space and RAM power they use.

Well, this is where UC Browser Mini comes in. This browser has been specially created for smartphones and its able to run on nearly all of them! UC Browser Mini doesn’t need 4GB of RAM or 500MB of free storage space in order to function properly and this is what makes it so accessible.

Data Saving

Another great thing about UC Browser Mini is its data saving system. The browser compresses data which helps speed internet navigation and reduce the amount of mobile data UC Browser Mini uses overall.


UC Browser Mini’s developer team wants everyone to have a fun and safe web surfing experience every time they open the app and this is why they equipped it with a pre-installed adblocker. The adblocker will remove all types of intrusive ads starting from auto-play videos and ending with pop-up commercials.