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Uplet – Instagram Uploader for Mac


You can’t deny the fact that Instagram is an amazing social networking site. But it’s not perfect because it lacks the possibility to add photos straight from a computer. It’s understandable that this social media service was created with the thought of using spontaneous pictures in mind but let’s face it – almost none of the pics people post there are spontaneous.

Most users are using lots of editing tools before they upload their photos and sometimes they are using these tools to edit the pics on their Mac computers. Wouldn’t it be great to have an option to upload the edited pics and even videos straight from your Mac system? Well, Mac users, brace yourselves because this option is right at your fingertips!

Meet Uplet, the Instagram uploader for Mac

Uplet is a fantastic piece of software that allows Mac users to upload photos from their computers on Instagram. What’s even more exciting is that you can also upload photos in batches. There is no need to go through your pictures one by one because you will have the opportunity to upload more photos together. This will definitely save you tons of time. the best thing is that after you uploaded your photos, you will get the opportunity to edit each of them separately.

Uplet’s best features and functionalities

Check out the most impressive features that are packed in this neat Mac software:

  • Uplet is designed to help you connect with your friends easier by sharing the moments that really matter.
  • The software lets you upload multiple high-resolution pictures without compromising their initial quality.
  • Uplet provides a lot of editing tools, orientation and cropping tools and the chance to add exclusive captions, emojis, and hashtags as well.
  • Uplet is ideal for social networking but also for marketing and PR pros.
  • Uplet is capable of posting multiple mini-movies to Instagram right from your Mac

Closing words

Uplet is designed with simplicity in mind, and it will totally change your photo and video sharing experience for the better across Instagram.

Uploading pics from your Mac computer to your Instagram account has never been cooler and easier. This software will make sure to provide you an amazing experience, and it will make the process of sharing all the things that you are passionate about smoother than ever before. Get Uplet for Mac and start posting!

To use this Instagram uploader, you will need macOS 10.9 and later versions. You will also require 15.77MB of free space

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