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USB Drive Shortcut Virus? Here Is How To Remove It


If you have recently bought a pen drive and you see that when you open it, the file shows nothing but a shortcut to your pendrive, then you are in grave trouble.

Your pen drive is actually affected by one of the latest and the most troublesome viruses of all time. This virus, is known as the Shortcut virus.

The shortcut virus is actually a blend between a Trojan backdoor and a worm. In the modern internet virology, this is also referred to as a ‘trojorm’. Trojorms are relatively new creations by hackers are are contracted through pen drives, especially if they have been used in Cyber cafes or other public computers with low internet security.

The virus can spread to any other pendrive inserted in the device and the results are instantaneous.

It cuts the pendrive memory to less than half and even though you’d see the USB drive empty, and even the properties of the affected pendrive would show free space, you’d still not be able to copy and paste anything, because it has rendered your pendrive useless.

If you happen to encounter a case like this then it is best if you do not try to delete the shortcut or do not try copying it elsewhere.

This generally triggers the virus. If you see the target of this shortcut, you will see that it is aimed at the Rundll files of your C drive, which if corrupted, could cause your system to crash.

Moreover, the device is going to be affected in a way you’d never know, leading to further identity theft and stealing of banking information.

You cannot clean this virus with an antivirus because most would not be able to detect this.

In order to solve the problem there is a special trojorm fix tool that you would have to use.

The file can be downloaded from http://www.techchore.com/download-fix-folder-trojorm/. Once downloaded, unzip the folder and copy the “Trojorm Removal tool” to the pendrive.

Then run the file in the pendrive. A CMD window will open asking you permission to scan. Let the scan continue and follow the instructions it gives you.

Once done, it is time to remove the link that the icon has created to the C drive, Copy the Shortcut Virus fix folder to the USB drive and open the VBS file in Notepad.

You will be asked to edit the drive name in the file.

Edit it to the drive index that your pendrive has, and then save it. Again open the same file, but this time is he “Windows Based Script Host”. The scan will expose the files that are consuming the memory. Delete them.

In some cases, the shortcut would still remain, but if you find the target, you’ll see that it is no longer linked to the C drive.

Nevertheless do not touch that icon, you will be able to use your pendrive normally after this.

After this is done, scan your system once with Malwarebytes and clear any Trojans in the system. Restart your PC and you are good to go again.