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VAIO Z Canvas Review – Is It Worth The Purchase ?


Laptops and Tablets have both been the main choice for people in the world today.

Because of their convenient size and and their portability users have given up their desktops to buy these handy devices.

However users tend to buy laptops more than they buy tablets either because the tablets are too small or they are too expensive if they are powerful.

Thankfully, we now have many options in the tablet department to choose from.

Some of them are iPads, Surface tabs, Samsung tabs and the more recent Google pixel C tabs which is a hybrid and is rather economical.

One of the tablets that has received very less recognition is the VAIO Z canvas.

Actually it is wrong to  call the device a tablet as it fits into the tablet computer category.

VAIO’s laptop brand had once been a reckoning force in the laptop industry.

The sales of this product range suddenly happened to drop mainly because of the competition that it faced from its competitors particularly Dell.

The VAIO Z canvas is the best choice when it comes to making 3D graphics or creating 2D animaion that would require processing power.

The device comes with a 2.2 GHz quad core Intel Core i7 processor.

This processor is powerful enough to give MacBook pros or surface  books a run for their money.

The VAIO Z canvas promises nearly double the power that these devices offer and can outdo them easily.

This does not mean that it is too huge to lug around.

The size of VAIO Z canvas is quite convenient at 12.3 inches.

This means that it as big as a Surface pro 4. The screen resolution is 2560 x 1704 and the images produced on screen are crisp, sharp and have perfect colour.

It comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB internal memory. This can ve upgraded to either 16GB right up to 1TB storage.

The device can give a battery backup just like any other laptop. With 4 to 5 hours of use f you use it lightly.

If you keep playing games or using it heavily then the backup might be just 3 hours.

The tablet provides 4K display and has a huge collection USB ports by the sides so you can connect quite a few devices.

It comes with a keyboard which has a trackpad included and makes it look exactly like laptop.

The pen response is perfect and so is figure touch. The device has a kickstand located at the bottom. But the device is quite heavy.

It weighs 2.67 pounds and with the keyboard the weight goes upto 3.42 pounds.

Although the look is not very nice, the tablet is rather a great one to have for its functionality.

Excellent things come with a big price tag and VAIO Z canvas comes with one too, reading 2199 dollars.