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Valorant Leak – Launch Date for Valorant Season 4 Episode 3 Battle Pass


The third episode of Valorant’s fourth season, Episode 4 Act 3, will be released in the next few days. Players may look forward to additional game content, such as the Battle Pass, fresh skins, and in-game activities, at the start of a fresh season. Despite the fact that nothing is known about the forthcoming season of Valorant, players may at least plan their schedules accordingly.

On April 26, 2022, the Valorant Ep 4 Act three battle pass will be available. The following Act is set to begin at the same moment as this one. There will be “several pearlescent, bionic, as well as tactically-themed cosmetics with lots of many other eye-catching decorations available to be acquired” in the battle pass, according to @ValorLeaks, a notorious Valorant source of the leaks and data miner.

The next update seems to bring a slew of extra skins as well as other additions to the game. New details regarding the event and missions are expected to emerge in the following days, which will be followed by the fresh battle pass. Online multiplayer games like Valorant feature a variety of incentives tied to their battle passes.

Valorant Mobile’s loading interface and controls have been seen in leaked pictures.

There are a number of photographs that provide information about the upcoming mobile game from the well-known Valorant intelligence miner & tipster @DannyINTEL. According to a screenshot posted by the sister on April 7th, 2022, the game is now undergoing testing in China. Text in the n-screen language verifies the region’s identity. Danny also provided additional Valorant Mobile photos on the very same day, along with a screen capture that exposes the majority of the game’s control scheme.