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Verge Offers – Changing The Future of Cryptocurrency


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Cryptocurrency has definitely gained a lot of popularity this year, especially after the phenomenal evolution of Bitcon. Everyone is trying to identify the next big cryptocurrency, and there are plenty of canditates.

Verge is an interesting one. While this cryptocurrency has some interesting things to offer, it did not reach the credibility it deserved. Here are some things that you must know about Verge in order to get a clear idea about it.

Focusing on privacy

It is already known that Bitcoin is not necessary very private, and that is the reason why many experts seem to believe that it will be overshadowed by other rivals in the future. For example, Verge cares a lot about the privacy of the users.

Verge is completely secure and anonymous and their codebase is open which means that you can analyse their methods yourself. It appears that the team is currently working for a more formal responsible security issue disclosure process.

IP obfuscation

Verge takes your data very seriously and it tries to make sure that you IP address won’t get on wrong hands. Verge has chosen Tor for this job in order to make sure that the private information of their users is secure.

Verge also makes sure that there won’t be any entry or exit nodes which should make your information completely secure. This means that each network node started by the user will be a Tor node which should make things safer for users.

This way attackers cannot use other nodes in order to get the information they need. The next release is the one that will make sure that each node on the network will be able to use Tor seamlessly, which is a great thing.