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Verge (XVG) and Pac Coin are Grabbing Everyone’s Attention


Verge which is popularly known as XVG is seeing some major growth in value. This cryptocurrency has been around for a couple of years now, and it’s finally receiving the attention that it deserves. Verge is now priced at $0.21 per coin which puts it 45% ahead of its original price.

Verge Security & Privacy

The reason why stock investors are setting their sights on Verge is because this cryptocurrency is aimed at providing customers with lighting fast services and a flawless security system that is provided by the Wraith Protocol. Another great thing about Verge is the fact that it uses multiple anonymity-centric network like 12P and Tor which further enhances its security system.

Pac Coin (PAC)

Even though Verge is the cryptocurrency which is grabbing everyone’s attention, PAC has also seen a major jump in price during these past few weeks. The coin is now available for $0.000017 and while this price is incredibly cheap, it’s still 80.65% more than PAC’s original value. Nonetheless, PAC stands for “People’s Alternative Choice” and it’s been developed with the sole purpose of replacing traditional currencies.

We should also mention that traders who are interested in PAC should know that on February 1st, they will be able to purchase a master-node for 2 Billion PAC. The price for buying PAC right now is really affordable and getting 2 billion coins might prove to be a profitable move in the not so far away future.

However, we are talking about the cryptocurrency market and its basically impossible to predict what’s going to happen. Therefore, we need to disclose the fact that we are not forcing anyone to invest real money in PAC and that they should only take this decision at their own risk. Not every cryptocurrency ends up being Bitcoin and some of them stagnate for years on end.