Home Business Verizon ramps up marketing stint-offers people $650 for switching to its network

Verizon ramps up marketing stint-offers people $650 for switching to its network


Verizon has finally pulled up its socks and has gone full force to proceed with quelling the competition that At&t, Sprint and T-Mobilehas been posing to it.

It is like a Battle out there, each company trying itd level best to come up with something really lucrative for people to like.

Verizon has now come up with a plan that will allow the users of other services to be able to Switch over to Verizon without taking s monetary hit.

The company has mentioned that it will be providing up to $650 as a charge for covering various costs that the user would have to incur during this switch.

Family switch overs would also be encouraged and $2600 per family of four would be covered. If you have a family of ten, then this could go up to $6500.

Not just this, the company is also aiming to provide about 2 GB extra data to those users who are aiming to go for the 12GB monthly rental plan.

All these giveaways have just one big instigator, Competition.

Of course nothing good in the world can come without terms and conditions.

For this plan as well there are some conditions that you would need to agree to if you want to make this arrangement for yourself.

The first and most important condition you would be faced with is the purchase of one Verizon line. When you make this purchase it has to be on a prepaid card.

The second condition requires you to trade in an old phone. This phone must be in a working condition.

Verizon will deduct the value of the handset you have exchanged from the charges you might have to pay.

Interested in knowing more terms and conditions? Then here you go.

Third condition requires you to buy a new handset on an instalment plan.

Fourth condition implies that you stick to Verizon for at least six months.

This condition of receiving $650 off would apply only two those people who had been paying off instalments for phones from other providers each month.

For the users who have been under the dual year contract with another provider, the payout will fall down to $350 for paying off the separation fees.

Despite the terms, it is one of the best conditions you can stick to.