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Vibe Coin Plans to Revolutionize the Cryptocurrency Market


The cryptocurrency market is expanding at a fast rate and many companies are trying to get on board. Take KODAK as an example. The famous company recently unveiled that it plans to launch “KODAKCoin” which will be a brand-new cryptocurrency that’s designed to make exchanges easier and smoother photographers.


However, KODAK is not the only company that has big plans for the cryptocurrency market. Vibehub has one of the most unique ideas for the market and the reason we are saying this is because Vibehub wants to create the world’s first virtual and augmented reality marketplace that uses digital money.

The VR Industry

This should come as no surprise, but the VR industry is booming. There numerous VR headsets and thousands of companies that release VR content such as games, videos or even movies and this is helping the market grow. Therefore, Vibehub’s wish to introduce a blockchain network that’s designed specially for the VR market is a great one. With that said, let’s go over some of the top features that Vibe Coin will have to offer.

  • Safety and Anonymity;
  • Online Shopping Platform;
  • Transparent Fees;
  • Online Exposure;

Vibe Coin Price

Since Vibe Coin is still new to the market, it’s price is not equal to the likes of Bitcoin. With that in mind, Vibe Coin is valued at $0.940908 per token as of now and the total market cap sits at $169 million. However, the hopes are high for this cryptocurrency and VIbeHub’s price is expected to skyrocket during the upcoming future.

How to Buy Vibe Coin

As previously mentioned, Vibe Coin still needs to make its mark on the crypto industry. Therefore, there aren’t that many options to buy Vibe Coin tokens other than by exchanging Ethereum. Although, more exchange platforms will surely introduce Vibe Coin as time goes on.