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Viber Announced Wink Photo Sharing App to Take on Snapchat


In case you didn’t understand, there’s a brand new version of Viber in city and it brings updates to the current in style instant electronic messaging and free business app.

The update comes with enhancements that create the app plenty additional compatible with one in every of its freshly launched applications.

Even so, users of this app on the iOS devices are going to be happy to find out that Rakuten, the corporate that presently owns Viber once purchased it for a fee of $0.9 billion, has further some of recent tweaks geared towards creating the app easier to use, also as share.

The first issue you may notice may be a modification within the style. Enhancements are further to the introduction screen so as to assist new users simply mix with the app.

As way because the cluster chats square measure involved, the UI has additionally modified, such users will currently see the cluster members that have already scan messages.

In short, the new update brings scan receipts in cluster chats, a bit like with the case of Whatsapp and Facebook messenger.

Viber’s restructure for the iOS users additionally comes with a Keep Media perform, that once enabled, helps you establish the amount you would like your media files, photos and videos, to stay in touch on the app.

This is often a cool addition for those users who use the 16GB model iPhones owing to its restricted space.

To access this new tool, launch the app and head straight to the additional tab. Where, as there faucet on Media so Keep Media to settle on the predefined amount you would like your media keep.

Once this era expires, the stored files can mechanically be deleted.

The restructure of Viber additionally brings a revamped menu for inviting different non-users of the app and allow them to understand of the app’s services.

Once within the additional tab, simply faucet on the Share Viber with friends choice and that’s it.

Viber Wink launched to require on Snapchat

One notable update that Viber has brought in is that the support for its standalone app Viber Wink.

In essence, this is often Viber’s new manner of constructing Snapchat sweat for its cash.

Instead of integrating this chat app into its main app, Viber went for a standalone version wherever the users will exchange photos and videos and a bit like with the case of Snapchat, these messages disappear mechanically once they need been viewed.

As expected, the new Viber Wink can allow you to capture a photograph or short video, embrace some text and confirm the amount you would like the message to be viewed, starting from one second to time.

Despite the fact that this app may be a standalone providing, it still depends on Viber to supply its services.

This is often true as a result of you will be able to solely share photos with users of Viber alone.

The app can mechanically prompt you to launch the Viber app so as to share photos and videos and once the recipient sees the message for a limited time, it will disappear mechanically.

In Viber’s own words, Wink is associate degree application that is good for moments that
are to be shared just the once so forgotten.

The restructure of Viber for iOS is compatible with devices put in with a minimum of v7.0 whereas the Viber Wink app is barely compatible with a minimum of iOS 8.0.

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