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Viber Update Available for Download – Lets To Delete Any Sent Message


The new version of the population VoIP and IM application, Viber now lets you delete a sent message from both your device and the recipient’s device.

Many years ago, Viber was among the first iPhone applications that allowed you to talk with others in a similar way to a phone call using your data connection. At this time, it focuses on sending text messages as well, the new version introduces a feature that you really need.

Most messaging applications allow you to delete a previously sent message. Unfortunately, the message will disappear only from the conversation that you see in front of you, but not from the recipient’s device. Viber implements the same concept but in a much more efficient manner. Similar to what you can do on BlackBerry Messenger, using the new version of Viber now you can delete the message from the other person’s device too. If you use Viber 5.6.5, a message sent can be erased completely, from your phone and the recipient’s, and if the message has not already been seen, you have even more to gain. However, the deletion process leaves no trace, but if somebody has already read it, the damage is done and significantly decreases the usefulness gesture.

Also through this new version of Viber, you gain the ability to attach various kinds of files to a conversation, from documents of any kind to PowerPoint presentations. If you still have people in your contacts list who don’t use Viber, you can easily invite them to install it from the “More” menu. If you use an Apple device you can easily send files directly from iCloud and quickly respond to a message from the notification on the home screen or from the Spotlight search.

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