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VidMate 4.65 Has Been Launched And Comes With New Changes


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VidMate has just been updated to a new version, the VidMate 4.65, and brings new changes for the well-known and hugely appreciated free video downloader.

About VidMate

VidMate is a well-known, very appreciated free video downloader and is available for Android and PC.

VidMate is easy to use and works perfectly for downloading videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, and so on. In fact, with VidMate you will be able to download full-length movies, TV shows, series, or whatever video you want from almost every well-known video site on the Internet.

Also, VidMate permits its users to watch live TV streams of over 200 channels.

VidMate features

Among the multitude of VidMate features, there are:

  • Unlimited free downloads of any movie you want in HD resolution;
  • Live TV;
  • Unlimited Free download of music and whole albums, if you want;
  • Download at high speed;

VidMate 4.65 new changes

The new VidMate 4.65 version comes with new changes including:

  • Bug fixes – The issue of downloads lists’ tasks that were disappearing has been solved out;
  • An improved navigability for a better user experience;

Where to download the new VidMate 4.65 version from?

VidMate 4.65 is available for download for free on cnet.com, or directly from various APK download sites.

How to use VidMate?

VidMate is easy to use and all you’ll have to do to download a video is to use the in-app navigator to search for the movie/video/music song you’ll want to download and once you have found it simply click on the download button.

Afterward, you will have to set the desired output file format and resolution, and that’s it! VidMate will download your file directly to your smartphone.

There is also a PC version of VidMate which works similarly.

In conclusion, the new VidMate 4.65 version has just been launched and it comes out with new changes to improve your experience with the app.